Monday, September 21, 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Better!!

OK, so they captured said psycho that we talked about on Friday.  I'm not your news guru or the current event blogger of the week, but I HAD to follow this up.  I love stupidity--it comes in so many shapes and sizes.  Now, you know I'm married to a cop (I think I mention it in every post--keeps the stalkers at bay because, yeah I'm THAT hot) so I love my law enforcement guys.  I do.  I have nothing but love you guys!  But I think the police in Washington (my home state) have lost their fucking minds--some of the statements in the article are well, mind blowing.  And for those that work in the Eastern State mental institute?  I think crazy is rubbing off on them.  The statements by them are just plain scary. 

Said criminally insane schizophrenic was captured 180 miles from where he escaped.  That's a pretty good ways, isn't it?  Ironically, they found him on the same stretch of road that I've blogged about in Bad Drivers, Slow Walkers and Stupid People, the part with the bitch talking on her cell phone.  Must be an attractive roadway for the loons.  Anyway, all that aside I have to give you highlights of the article:

One of those involved in the arrest, Spokane County sheriff's Detective Roger W. Knight, also nabbed Paul after he gave Eastern State personnel the slip in 1991 during a field trip in Medical Lake, where the mental institution is located, Knezovich said. Following that arrest, Paul knocked Knight unconscious in the jail booking area and was convicted of first-degree escape and second-degree assault.*

Ok, here's my stupid question of the week:  Exactly how many times does a criminally insane schizophrenic murderer have to escape from a field trip before we decide that maybe Slingblade shouldn't be out on play dates???
Knezovich expressed dismay that Paul aroused no suspicion when he left the mental institution with a backpack loaded with clothing, food, an electric guitar and $50 from a Social Security check.*

So, I'm an intern at the local cracker factory and I see Slingblade just walking out with above supplies.  I know that I, personally, would not be suspicious at all.  I probably even wave and say, "Hey, have a nice weekend dude!  We'll catch ya on Monday, yeah??" 

The field trip to the fair, which included 30 other patients, is an annual event that Paul easily could have anticipated.  Shortly after the escape, Dreyfus ordered a halt to all field trips for "forensic patients" — those committed for treatment as a result of criminal proceedings — at all three of the state's mental institutions.*

Well, fuck me.  Really??? Let's state the obvious now.  And hold the phone--ALL THREE?  You mean this happens on a daily basis all over the state???   Oh, and let me remind the professionals--crazy doesn't mean stupid.  It usually means quite the opposite.  Ted Bundy was brilliant, remember?   Did I mention this guy had a scythe in his backpack when they caught him hitchhiking??? You know, that hand-held curved blade thing you mow down grass with.  Slingblade's weapon of choice.  Yeah, my mom always told me not to pick up hitchhikers--and I never have.  This is reason 4007 that I don't.
All I have left to say is, if you live near any of the institutes, stay away from fairs.  I mean, how lucky are we as a country that he didn't just blend in with the carnies and wound up spreading pixie dust on the Tilt O'Whirl in our hometowns?   You should be very afraid.  I would guarantee he's got some friends out there on play dates as we speak. 

*all quotes are from,2933,552780,00.html?test=latestnews


Chief said...

*snort* Slingblade...where the hell do you get this shit?

Janie Woods said...

I just have these visions in my head...Along with the voices? I can relate to crazy...

Patois said...

I wish it was only you up there where they get to go on field trips. Sadly, I'm sure we've got them all around California, too.

Melisa with one S said...

You are hilarious!

Janie Woods said...

Oh Patois, I don't live there any more..I'm out east. Believe me, I was stationed in Prison Valley (aka San Joaquin) in Cali for 16 years...I KNOW crazy there!!

whatnowdad said...

You are so right on. I live way to close to Spokane and we followed this one carefully. It seems way to crazy to be true...but leave it to the crazy house to make it a reality.