Friday, September 18, 2009

All I Can Say is, "WOW!! WTF???"

And here I thought I'd have nothing to write about this morning....Oh, how wrong I was!!  All you have to do is open up the news and get your fill of crazy.  I'll give you the headline and some highlights, then let you be the judge:

The headline reads:  Insane Killer Escapes During Mental Institution's Field Trip

"Police are searching for killer committed to a mental institution after he escaped during a field trip to the Spokane County Interstate Fair."

Ummmm, yeah....When I think "criminally insane schizophrenic", I immediately think "Road trip!!!"  Or, in this case, "Field trip!!!"  Why didn't they just take him to Vegas for a weekend?  It would have never hit the papers because we all know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right??

It get's better:  "It appears now there was a two hour lapse from the point he disappeared from his attendant to the sheriff's office was notified of his escape and obviously that's a concern to us," Sgt. Reagan told KXLY. "We're concerned that we were not aware that people of his criminal history were being brought to the fair for day trips. As a courtesy we would have liked to have been notified ahead of time."

I might just be me, but I think the two hour lapse should be more than a "concern".  Coupled with the fact that no one in law enforcement knew this was happening, this is a HUGE "What the fuck????"  For my friends and family in Spokane, Idaho and eastern Washington---lock your doors and windows.  Holy shit.

This whole thing makes me think about taking my kids to the fair here in Maryland this weekend....Or EVER!!  Although they didn't release a photo, they did release his name and I managed to find his prom picture:+

For the complete article and to see if any of you happen to know or be related to this guy, click here.


Chris said...

Another awesome post! Have you seen your review over at Super Reviews yet? I gave you an awesome review because this is seriously an awesome blog! Keep up the great writing!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Wait a minute now...who lets their kids dress up like that for prom?
Now I'm pissed about two things.

Chief said...

I giggled through the whole damned post. It was like I knew exactly what you were going to say before you said it! Damn, I can't drink my coke coz Im still snickering.

The picture is brilliant!