Thursday, November 4, 2010

Janie and The Giant Worm

Hello, folks!

Again, been a while since I've been here.  Life gets busy and my writing time gets smaller.  Although this is my stress relief, I haven't visited often enough.

My life seems to be in turmoil.  My marriage is going away, I worked 122  hours in the past two weeks.  I realized, due to my dear friend Drew, I need some down time.

So, here I am..Peri-menopausal, emotional (unfamiliar territory) and on the verge of kicking midgets.  Yesterday, Prodigal's graduation announcements came in.  What a sobering reality.  My oldest, my stalwart son, the one I rely on is leaving the nest.  I had so many memories run through my mind.  The night I had an old friend and her Naval officer husband over for dinner.  Prodigal wanted to show off so he paraded into the dining room, wearing nothing but one of my bras on his head and my flight deck boots.  He was just under two and I was eight months' pregnant.  Mortified...They never came over again, BTW. 

So, during one of my conversations with Drew, I remembered something:  I'm not artsy.  I'm not artsy at all..  This became apparent during a science fair when my older two were in 1st and 2nd grade.  They were in a private Christian school.  BIG fair.  I mean, the 8th graders were making Jacob's Ladders, you know?  Prodigal wanted his experiment to be on electricity...Like mother, like son.  Middle?  A worm farm.  So, we spent a couple of months with a worm farm at the house.  Watching them, growing them, etc.  So the time came for the fair....

All of a sudden, I find out I have to have a tri-fold poster board describing the experiment.  No problem.  I bought the board and went to town.  I drew a worm. I outlined where the heart was.  I delineated how many times a worm can regrow.  It was awesome!!  A three foot worm, complete with lines, everything. 

It wasn't until I got to the fair and unfolded it that I realized I had drawn a giant penis.  Yep, penis.  My worm looked like a three foot penis....I had drawn a worm, complete with mushroom head and little red dot where their mouth is...

I still have that worm.  I still laugh when I think about it.  I still remember those little boys, so proud of their experiments, winning ribbons (I think the penis did it) and shiny smiles on the way home. 

I know most of you have already had children graduate.  I'm the last in my family.  Funny, we went in order..I just dread the day the first one leaves..Five days after my ** birthday....

And I am so looking forward to this again this year.  My last time with my older two.  Make sure the ones you love know...It can slip away at any given moment

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ciara said...

oh goodness, a giant penis! i can totally see that! lol it's always hard when the babies grow up. my son never graduated, cos he dropped out junior year. i have 4.5 yrs to see if the next one will make it out of high school w a diploma. i'm crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and legs.