Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stick It, Tuesday!

Hello my friends!

I hope that you are having a great holiday season.  Doesn't it seem to just come too fast anymore?  I thought I was burning my fingers on fireworks just last weekend..Sheesh!

So, on with Stick It, Tuesday!  It was a fave with my close friend Drew, so I was inspired to come back.

Let's see...Hmmmm....

I'm again a single mom, so I have the three boys and ALL their friends.  My house has a minimum number of five teenage males at any given time.  That being said, there are always dishes to do. 

Every time I open the dishwasher lately, there is nothing but soap and dirty dishes.  Now understand, I'm a clean freak.  I steam clean my kitchen floor *every night*.  I own a vacuum, a Steam Shark, a "natural sweep", paper towels, numerous "rag" towels, etc.  Seems that spills are oblivious to teen..*sigh

So, Tiny Doo is growing fast.  He is now nine months old.  He also is still chewing on EVERYTHING!  Ready to kill him and worried about the Christmas tree...it's not even up yet.  And all the toys that Little will be getting.  His racecar track is non-existent at this point.  And I should own stock in the chew toy industry by now.  My upstairs living room looks like a romper room for dogs.  But does he chew *those*?  Oh,  now..That would be too easy! 

Friday night, all the teens decided to go to a friend's house.  No biggie.  One is a senior and one is a junior, plus all their friends.  At 0130, I'm awakened by panicked teens.  Middle is vomiting his brains out.  REALLY drunk. REALLY, REALLY drunk...So I got up, did a vomiting session with him, listened to him say the drunken prayer, "I swear, I will never drink again..." knowing full well that's what all good drinkers say.  I'm so proud...Now blogger is up to its antics again and won't let me load another sticky.  It did this last night, thought maybe it was my laptop.  Nope, blogger.  So (insert stickie note here)

How wonderful to see you praying to the porcelain god. Did you enjoy the nice, runny eggs for breakfast? Did we learn anything?

Love you, Mom

I got up the next morning, made him some nice eggs over easy, fried in butter and *not quite* cooking thoroughly.  A short time later, while two floors below him on the computer, his best friend and I hear *that* sound.  His friend laughs and says, "There it is.."

Middle was convinced all day that  he was dying.  He survived.  Hopefully, he'll still be in all honors classes when vacation ends.  God knows how many brain cells he lost Friday...

So, Little Man had his county championships this past weekend, yet again...Two years in a row, they've won.  This time 24-06.  Last night, we  had a parent/teacher conference.  Here's how *that* went (cue post it):

Little Man:

Wow! Championship team again!  Now your teacher says you're in the gifted program.  I'm sooo outta my league.

Love you much, Mom

It seems that holidays are upon us once again.  Just last year, my life was that of a normal retired jet mechanic working as an event planner with three kids and a life in constant motion.  Wait!  It's still that way...Just a single mom doing it now.  (insert post it here)


Can you slow down the year a bit and let me savor life? 

Thanks, Janie

OK folks, that's all for now.  Thanksgiving is a day away so I'll leave you with this:


Yeah...this is why I don't go out on Christmas Eve...

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Chapter Two said...

ahhhh, I love your stick it posts! I miss reading them.



come see my new url

Janie Woods said...

Well they're making a comeback!! Maybe next week, they'll actually be post its...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll check out the new URL this weekend!!