Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Well, I am MUCHO honored!!  I actually just received my first award from someone!  My most admired Dreamer passed this little beauty onto me.  She has a blog that EVERY woman should read.  She is just phenomenal!  "When I grow up, I wanna be just like her!!"  *sigh  She received the award from my ever-loved Sage, who is a very wise and wonderful blogger and someone I stalk almost daily.

The deal is, I have to post five things about me that you don't already know then pass this along to five other bloggers.  Since I usually don't talk about myself on here, this should be relatively easy--LOL. 

OK, so without much further ado, let's get this started in here!!

1.  Unlike my Dreamer, I do watch porn occasionally.  Don't judge!  I'm married to a cop and sometimes need...Anyway.  But not the disgusting or cheesy stuff (is there such a thing as non-cheesy porn?).  Most like semi-hard core.  No pun intended.

2.  I am terrified of heights.  Its gotten worse with age, too.  My pregnancy with Little Man threw me off-kilter and I'll sometimes get vertigo on a staircase landing.  It also causes problems when driving over high bridges.  I definitely live in the wrong state for this.

3.  I am an exhibitionist.  I have been since I was little. I love showing off my body. I have learned, however, that my husband doesn't approve.  Especially after I proudly showed him my pic on Boob Emancipation last fall.  Then last month he found a pic of me on someone's HNT (damn you, tmp files!).  Now, I see his point but there were no names or faces attached to these pics and they WERE in good taste.  Also, I was VERY thrilled with the comments I received!  Me?  Hot?  WOW!!! *sigh  Oh well.  I guess I'll just keep that side of me inside.

4.  You probably already know this, but my boys rule my world.  I love my three sons more than life itself.  I always wanted five boys but the ex got snipped after two and the cop and I can't seem to have another one.  I would love to have at least one more child, preferrably a boy, but I think I could handle a girl at this age.

5.  I am a boy friend.  I don't have any girlfriends that I can confide my deepest, darkest to.  I wish I did, but I don't.  In my job in the military, I was one of the first females so all my friends were guys.  It seems to have stayed that way.  I do find them less judgmental than most women I know, but I wish I had a girlfriend to talk to.  To go to coffee with, to call in the middle of the night when I wake up silently screaming, to just talk to. 

So, there you go!  Now, I pass this lovely award to Martie, Potty Mouth, Badnabes, Aunt Becky, and HollyI love everyone on my blog roll but besides those already mentioned in my opening, I absolutely ADORE these five!!

Now, I have to go make breakfast for my men.....


Aunt Becky said...

I love you and cannot wait to do this.

Anonymous said...

excellent answers!!!!!

maybe you will get all bred up and have triplets!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I am so happy you took this up. great answers. My hubs doesn't like me showing off my skin either - but I still do it. :P

Miss Grace said...

From one boob emancipation girl to another, you are the hawtness.

Janie Woods said...

Gracie! No, girl--YOU are the hawtness!!

Dreamer, if I had your body no one could get me to stop showing it!!

Sage, you know I've got nuthin' but love you babe!

Aunt Becky, I can't wait to read yours!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barefoot Dreamer sent me here. I like your blog, and i'll follow you.


dogette said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm not much of a blogger-blogger, though, ya know? If you check my site, you'll see what I mean. Heh. Thanks again, though. :-) (Dogette) "badnabes" on Twitter

Danielle said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it!

Martie said...

Congrats and Thank You!! Me lurvs you. PS: You convinced me to send in a Boob picture. Kee your eyes peeled.

Just Stacy said...

You have another one waiting at my place for you :)