Friday, August 14, 2009

Running Through Sprinklers

"Mom! Come run through the sprinkler with me!" he called. I was sitting on the deck, watching him cool off after a very hot football practice. "No, hon! Mommy doesn't want to get wet!" I said. With that voice that tugs your heartstrings that only a your own child can do, "Please?? Mommy, PLEASE?" "No!" I said almost too sternly. "I really don't want to get wet!"

I watched him running through the sprinkler, being drawn back to my own childhood. Even though at his age I lived near a lake, on those days that we couldn't get there my friends and I would put the sprinkler on full blast in the yard. We would have contests to see who could jump through the water without getting wet (somehow, no one ever won that contest). We would race around the yard, squealing with glee each time the sprinkler got us. It probably wasn't that long, but as a child it seemed like forever that we played in that sprinkler.

I found myself smiling, thinking of those carefree childhood days. I could remember the smell of the grass and the taste of the cool water coming out of the hose. Why is it that when you're a child, the water coming out of the hose always tasted the best? I found myself envious that he could have so much fun with such a simple thing.

I found myself running into the yard and racing my son through the sprinkler. Dressed in cargo capris and a tank top, I raced him back and forth across our yard. We were soaked and laughing and having the time of our life.

Alanis Morrisette once sang, "I recommend walking around naked in your living room." Great advice. But you know what? I recommend running through the sprinkler with your kids for an afternoon.


ciara said...

sprinkler were a lot a fun as kids, weren't they? too bad we don't have a yard cos i just would do that with my girls. hmmm maybe the next time we're at the park down the street (and it's not windy), i might get in the water feature w them. :)

i have no fatherhood friday this week just a flash fiction if you wanted to take a gander.

Teacher Tom said...

Sprinklers are awesome.

This reminds me of a "rain tunnel" I built for my daughter when she was little. I used PVC pipe and bent it into an arch, perforated it with tiny holes and ran water through it. Then she and her friends raced their trikes through it.

When she got older we repurposed the tunnel over the zip line we have installed in the backyard.

Sadly, my teenager is no longer interested. Wanna come over and play?

Anonymous said...

Good on you! It feels good to cut loose!

I just we had some good weather by us for some of that action!

WeaselMomma said...

Now I just want to go run through the sprinkler with or without the Weasels.

BeautifulWreck said...

Both sounds like good ideas. Sprinklers and nakedness.

Melisa with one S said...

Sprinklers are good times.

My older son would NEVER run through one from the time he was about 3 until about 7 years old; I think he was scared of the spray or something. He eventually got over it though. :)

Trooper Thorn said...

Popsicles are a must for apres-sprinkler.