Monday, August 10, 2009

Crabcakes and Football, Baby!!!

I know, I know..Well worn phrase but I'm just gettin' warmed up! Little Man started his first year of football last week and I'm completely, ummm, is 'stoked' still a word?? Overjoyed just doesn't seem to fit with football. I mean, think about it: "Hey Joe, Little Man took a helmet to the groin today! I'm so overjoyed he's in football!" Too chicky. I need a jock thing to say. How about, "Dude! How cool is it that Little Man is in football???...I know! He totally rocks. You should see how he can take a hit!" Hmmmm, it's got possibilities, doesn't it?

So last weekend, they had their first pre-season game. Now usually, I'm not a big pre-season person. I like it, I watch it because I've missed my football fix, but not a big fan. However, all that changed with my own son playing. He had a rough couple of practice days, one in particular where he DID take a helmet to the groin; a ball kicked from about 10 feet away to his temple before practice started; and a foot up under his facemask into his mouth. But bloody, bruised and sore he returned to practice the next day as if nothing happened. I had to wipe a tear, I was so proud.

The big day arrived and we were up and at 'em, getting to the field for warm-ups an hour before game time.
Clean uniform? Check. Helmet, pads, cleats and cup? Check. Fresh Mohawk?? Check, check.

Then the game begins. Now, because they are five to seven year old kids, there's no kick off. It's just spotting the ball. These kids played their hearts out!! I took close to 100 photos but as luck would have it, I put my camera down as Little Man had the best play of the game! I had worked with him on pushing off the guards when he plays defense instead of hitting them straight on. He listened and WHAM! He broke through and SACKED THE QUARTERBACK!! I was a maniac! He was a maniac! The crowd went wild! I was jumping up and down, yelling,"That's my boy! That's my Bam Bam!!" I went almost hoarse just on that one play! Who knew that a peewee football game could get someone so excited! I thought I was going to be nervous watching him take hits, tackle other kids and everything else football has to offer. I guess lacrosse warmed me up--nothing like a bunch of kids with metal sticks whacking each other to steel your nerves!!

Unfortunately, we lost the first pre-season game. But the Coach Charlie is an awesome coach and the kids didn't even feel bad about it. He told them how proud he was of each one of them and how hard they tried and hey! It was the first game and really was just a practice, so they'll take lessons learned and just get better.

Like I've said before, nothing brings family together like a good football game!


WeaselMomma said...

1. I was going to ask if you knew that someone shaved our kids head into a mohawk, but alas, you've already answered that.
2. Good for him! It always more exciting to watch any sport when your own kid is playing.

surprised mom said...

Even though I'm not into sports, I LOVED watching my kids play sports. I, too, would scream myself hoarse. It's just too cool watching your child play his or her heart out.
And, yes, stoked, is still a word.

Janie Woods said...

I sooo love you two!! BTW, with three boys I've been through tons of sports but the older two are lacrosse, wrestling and baseball. Actually, my middle son is a nationally ranked Taekwondo champion. THAT was hard to watch. But something about watching a six year old play football....

Mocha Dad said...

I coach pee wee football and it's always fun to watch the little guys grow and develop. Kudos to your son!

BellaDaddy said...

Hubs was a SAHD for three years but I'm not sure about doing it since hubs went back to work a year ago. Of course, in his job, he is home seven out of every 14 days a month. What do you think?

I Say: GO FOR IT!!:-)


P.S. No Kidding, good football RULES!!!

BeautifulWreck said...

Very cute child with mohawk.

Can I also add that I have absolutely no clue about football. We are so not sports oriented at all. LOL