Monday, June 15, 2009

National Man Day or Mom, where's the....?

As I sit here writing tonight, I have to tell you that a few things have enlightened me this week. I write randomly on here and have been trying to figure out why! I have great boobs, I love ball games AND beer...So why does this not feel comfortable to me? Because in order to have a great blog, you need to write about your passion. What's my passion? My kids. Hands-down, my kids.
Since today is "National Man Day" and I have four men in my house, I think today is the perfect day to relaunch my blog.

So, in an ode to the men in my life--here we go!!

The idea of National Man Day is great! We need to pay homage to the men in our lives. I love my men. I tell people that I'm not raising three boys, I'm raising three men. My men are the light of my life. I retired from the Navy because after an entire life of Mom being on the road, my oldest, at 14, finally asked me to stop. He was honest enough to tell me he was tired of me never being around. That's what I love most about men. Women will tend to hide it and roll with it; men get tired and they usually let you know.

So, here's to men! Women, raise your beers and pay a toast to your man. They put up with our moods, our bitchiness, our emotional rollercoaster that we have asked them to ride with us. I told my husband that our wedding vows should have included, "Keep your head and arms in at all times."

I don't have the patience of a man. I'm a tomboy and I think that's because I do envy their patience. What I don't envy is how they test ours!! As much as I love men, they seem to have a gene that doesn't allow them to look for ANYTHING!! On a typical day with my men, I can't count how many times I hear, "Mom, where's my shoes?" "Mom, where's the soap?" "Mom, where's the toilet paper?" and my personal favorite, "Honey, where's the phone?" The men in my household cannot seem to put anything back where it belongs! Last week, one of our toilets was backing up. I came home from work and noticed it. I did the logical thing and asked my husband, "How long has this been going on?" His answer? "All day." Ummmm, did you get the plunger? Nope. Did you THINK about getting the plunger? Ummm, couldn't find it. Did you LOOK? Ummmm, kinda. Now, what is kinda? A glance around the bathroom? Did you look in the OTHER bathroom? So, here I am at 6 the next morning, dressed in a business suit plunging a toilet. Where are my men? Asleep. But, the toilet was fixed and life went on. Chi was realigned in the household.

I love how my men interact with each other. I love watching them jump on the trampoline, shoot guns, play video games and wrestle each other. Our household is perpetual motion. I am the ONLY female (the hamsters died). Three boys, two dogs, one cat and one cop. Eighty percent of my friends are male. I LOVE men, don't you?

Being in household with all men has taught me a lot. Men don't have the hang ups women do. I have never had one of my boys ask me if they looked fat in something. I have never had them stand in front of their closet trying to decide what to wear. I have never had to wait for them to put their face on before we go to Safeway. So, here's to men. I love you. All of you. Women wouldn't feel as useful if God hadn't made man.

So, here's to you men. I hope you enjoyed your day and did something manly like sitting in your recliner in a wife beater and boxers, drinking beer and watching classic NFL games. Maybe you went fishing or hunting or hung out with your man friends BBQing ribs. Or maybe your just enjoyed being with the little men in your life, soaking in every moment before it disappears. I hope you did all of the above and it was a great day.

Every day should be National Man Day, I think....

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