Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Draft time!!

I love the draft. I mean, I REAAALLLLYYY love the draft. You know why? It signals that football season is almost here. It's the beginning of fantasy football and comraderie. Of Boobs, Ballgames and Beer. I used to be a HUGE baseball fan, but fell off that wagon. I can barely watch it on TV anymore. I think that sport has just gotten out of control. I moved back to football and am falling in love with hockey and LAX....Anyway, I digress as usual.

Why do I love football? I've noticed more and more women following me into the jersey wearin' arena. We wear ballcaps and like to wear our husband's or boyfriend's old high school or college jersey. In my case, it's my husband's semi-pro warm up jersey. We love to wear the oversized jerseys of our favorite team. We love touch football in the yard and trying to throw a spiral. Now that's a skill I've never accomplished. I can, however, kick the shit outta the ball and make a great offensive tackle...

I love the sights, sounds and smell of football. I love taking the kids to the Navy/Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for Navy football games. I started this blog because of the friends we have made at tailgaters. Scratch that--because of the family we've become with our tailgating friends. I love bundling up on a cold, sunny fall day smelling the burgers, brats and other meats on the grill from the hundreds of tailgaters in the stadium parking lot. I love the sound of opening that ice cold beer, the taste of it as we drink and eat with friends. I love having people over for Sunday football at the house, lighting the grill and giving each other crap over our teams.

Nothing compares to football. Nothing. It brings people together for food, fun and relaxation. You spend the whole day yelling your lungs out at a stadium or throwing popcorn at your TV. I never spent a week debating an upcoming baseball game unless it was the play-offs. Baseball doesn't have a combine where you get to watch your college stars show that they can play with the big boys. I never spent a week being a Monday morning pitcher, talking about what the team could have done better in the weekend game. You do those things with football. You get to be coach, quarterback, wide receiver and tackle. You cringe on the big hits and hold your breath when someone doesn't get up. You actually will the ball through the goal posts on windy days, using your hands to tell the ball which way to go and bet each other how a challenge is going to turn out. You spend the game with your kids cheering, cold and happy. Football is the only sport where you'll tolerate sitting in the snow, the rain, the wind, the sun and a hurricane if you could just to watch it to the end.

Don't get me wrong. I love LAX and I love hockey. But nothing brings people together like football--nothing.

Stay tuned folks! The draft is coming up and we're gonna get primed for a great season!! See you soon and it's nice to be back!

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