Monday, December 15, 2008

The Holidays! YEA!!!

Wow, sorry folks! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted anything! What recession? I've been a shopping MANIAC!! It's gotten so bad that Carlos has banned me from not only Home Depot, but WALGREENS! Have you been? They have some great stuff in there! I've been sick for a couple of weeks, so I went in to get some medicine. Ummm, nearly $200 later, we had new Christmas lights, a few presents (nothing like drug store Christmas presents), some new ornaments, wine glasses, oh--you get the picture. So, after my little shopping spree, I'm banned from Walgreens! What next, Safeway? Hey! Have you been? Ours has some great stuff in there!

I know, I know, you have two questions (well, probably three): Why was I banned from Home Depot, am I back in the 'Cave yet, and why do I keep getting banned from places?

I can answer all three of those! Let's start with the 'Cave. Yes! I'm back in the good graces of the 'Cave inhabitants!! It only took one more football weekend before I showed my knowledge of the game impressively and was allowed probationary entrance once more. We were watching one of the Redskins' games and I just yelled a few things from the "family room" like, "Hey! Did you seen the corners let that lane open up?" or "There is NO way he was out of bounds! He drug that back foot and had complete control of the ball!" So, I won the favor of the Man and men children of the house. Of course, I still have to deliver the snacks and libations during the games, but hey! I'm back in! I also had to promise to build the stadium seating this spring in time for next season.

As for Home Depot, let's just say Abe and I cannot go there unescorted by Carlos anymore. I have this obsession with tools. I mean, I REALLY love tools! I cannot go to HD and not buy some sort of tool or accessory or gadget! Well, that obsession has rubbed off on Abe. We went to buy a few plants for the front yard and some paintbrushes a couple of months ago. That's it, just three plants and two paint brushes. Again, $200 later....I had two new pots, new copper swirly sprinklers, five gallons of paint in colors that I will probably never use but hey! They were on sale! A new set of screwdrivers because you have never have too many. Ten bags of mulch, oh---you get the picture right? This was probably the second or third time Abe found things at HD that would "look great!" around the house. It was one time too many, we found as I am now not allowed to take Abe unescorted to HD.

As for being banned from places? What amazes me is I've never been 86'd before! I tend to do pretty much what I want, if you hadn't already guessed that. I'm more of a "beg forgiveness" that "ask permission" type. I'm also pretty spoiled and can usually talk my way out of anything. But Carlos? He's got my number on speed dial. One disproving look from him, and I know I'm in the doghouse. My family is like, "Thank God! It's about time she found a man that can have some sort of control over her!!"

Aha! It's all part of my evil plot. The ladies out there know, if you want to keep your marriage happy, he has to think he has some say in it. Some responsibility. Some sort of decision-making power. Yeah......That's why we smile our little smiles and say, "Ok honey". Deep down, we know, don't we? We walk away, roll our eyes, and keep right on doing what we do!

I'll write more this week. Until then, get out there and help the economy! Spend now before you have to give it all to your taxes!!

Happy holidays!


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