Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where I've Been Lately

Hello, all!

Well, it seems I've moved backward from daily to weekly to monthly to quarterly to semi-annual...I'm trying to get back into it

So, let me start by saying I don't post anonymous comments on my blog.  If you are going to disagree with me, that's great--I welcome discussion,just grow up and use an identity.  Also, if you are going to trash me, call me names or discuss what you think you know of my private life (and believe me, I keep my private life just that...private), then your comments will never reach the page.  These are a couple of reasons I've backed off the blogging.  It's also why I now monitor comments and don't just let anyone post a comment.  I don't go to people's blogs and trash them, I respect them as people.  If I disagree, I do so nicely and diplomatically.

Now that we're past that, let me catch you up. Last we talked, I was working on a contract for a government LE agency.  Well, my contract ended in January.  My company, bless them, kept me employed for as long as they could without a contract but gave me my notice on 04 May.  I had four days to find a job.  Yep, nothing like a little stress!  I was pretty freaked out, let me tell you.  But my Mac was stalwart and kept telling me I would find something great.  And wouldn't you know?  He was right.  I signed on yesterday with a great company as a subcontractor writing curriculum for one of the military services.  I'll also be the webmaster for our little corner of the their knowledge online website!  The best part?  I get to work from home over 60% of the time!!  I don't have to battle that damn Beltway traffic anymore!  No more rushing home and pulling up in the driveway, praying that Little Man is ready for whatever practice he has, running in the house, throwing off my suits and heels, grabbing a slice of cheese and heading to some sort of sport!  Well, of course I throw something else on, too. I can't exactly attend practices nekkid, now can I?

I'm studying to be a certified personal trainer, I've signed up to finish college since I let *that* slide off the rails with only 18 hours left.  I did, however, change my major.  I'm majoring in hospitality/restaurant management.  My goal is to open a little bar/cafe in Port Royal, and spend my days pleasing people's taste buds and my evenings watching the sunset from my beach house deck.  I will be doing all this while writing the next great American novel, too!

Last weekend I ran the Marine Corps Historic Half.  I wonder how well I would do if I actually trained one of these days??  Mac doesn't find that joke funny, but what do you expect from an Ironman? I did well the first seven miles, then felt like I was breaking down between seven to 10.  After that, I was pretty good to the finish, though.  I was 20 minutes off my time from last year, but I haven't been running as much this year.  However, I have to.  I turn 46 tomorrow and my birthday bucket list this year is to complete a Tough Mudder.  I've already committed and signed up for two, one in Maryland in September then another in South Carolina in October. I have 15K Rebel Run in July to warm up for September.  All of my runs either benefit the USMC, the Wounded Warrior program or both.  My birthday bucket list for next year is a triathlon. 

Progidal finished high school in January and has decided to pursue a career in graphic arts.  His dream is to attend SCAD, so once we're settled in South Carolina, at least he'll be close!  Middle was accepted to Johnson Wales out of Providence for network engineering, but he has decided to put it off for a year, stay home and attend AACC along with Progidal.  It *is* the biggest and best community college in the U.S. so I have no issues with that.  He graduates with high honors next week.  It seems that I'll be attending school with my sons...LOL

Little Man has become a scholar/athlete.  He's in the gifted program and is pretty sought after by coaches for the football and lacrosse teams around here. 

So things are good.  Very good, in fact.  Went through a lot of stress and there are still miles at my feet, but things are getting better.  I was working in the yard today, which is very cathartic to me, and thought about this blog.  I never sit down and plan what I'm going to write about, but Mac keeps asking me to go back to writing, tells me that he misses reading me.  Probably knows this is cathartic for me, too.  Plus, it gets me out of his high and tight for a while.  He has really been my strength through my drama this winter and spring.  I went through a really bad depression for a few weeks in December.  I'm surprised he survived it.  I'm surprised *we* survived.  He always seems to get the worst of me and just keeps pushing through.  I gotta tell you, I love this man...He even sent me a pillow pet for my birthday!  He remembered I commented to him months ago that I wanted one.

I'm working on clearing the clutter out of my house and to feng shui it.  I need better flow, I really think it affects my attitude.  I also am trying to decide where to put my home office...Home office, how great is *this*??  My boss is so very cool.  She tells me, remember your job is mobile.  You can go anywhere you want, go to South Carolina for a couple weeks, take your job with you.  It's not a problem.

OK, so I know this isn't a funny blog.  I guess I'm trying to ease back into it.  I have to work my way back, you know.  So, I will be here more often, I will get funny again.

OH, and just one more thing:  Thank you, Dr. Nononono or Anonymous, as was your first identity.  I don't have snatch-fro envy, so you know.  And I'm not sure who your OB/GYN is?  But the various ones I've had through my lifetime, including my last flight surgeon, said it's not a bad thing at all, especially if you work out a lot.  Drier is better when you're a person that runs and sweats.  Besides, being bare is a personal choice.  Brazilians aren't necessary, but keep that snatch-fro one wants to see your twatlocks hanging out on the beach.  OH, and I don't shave...I wax. So bless your little heart for your input.

As always, I'll leave you with this:

See ya, folks!!


King of New York Hacks said...

Good luck, seems life has some fun changes heading your way. Cheers from the NYC !!

GunDiva said...

Glad you're back!

Janie Woods said...

Thanks, guys! And welcome, King! I'll be in New York in September for the Tunnel to Towers run. I've never been, so I'm very excited!!

Hello, Diva! I'm glad you're still here!