Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stick It, Tuesday

Well, my weekly homage to Supah Mommy.  It's been a while, but since my semester is over and I have two weeks until the next one, hopefully my creativity will come back and I can entertain you again.

That's it for today, folks.  Hopefully you got a smile out of at least one or your brain started turning out that National Sex Month idea.  I think we should just make it a reality. Who knows?  Maybe 2010 should be International Sex Year?  You have to have sex in at least three foreign countrie---yes, Canada, Mexico and North Dakota count.
Now go pay homage to my most favorites Sexy Sage, Beautiful Barefoot Dreamer, Marvelous Martie and of course, THE Supah Mommy.


Mae Rae said...

HMM? National Sex Month? Might not be a bad idea. I am up for at least one day to F-off.

Peterson Family said...

I live in STL and I can't say that anyone is actually surprised. It was speculated at the time and we have all pretty much known. STL is a big ol' small town...word gets around.

Juliana said...

Ha ha your last one is great! AND---about football I am still mourning the stupidity of my beloved Broncos....

Shell said...

Did you have a good weekend away?

Your last one is too funny!

singedwingangel said...

Ntional Sex month nooww to just get my hubby to agree lol...

Janie Woods said...

Angel, who said it had to be your husband??? LOL

The Man, I'm just kidding...seriously

Shell, AWESOME night away from home. 24 full hours away from the house!

Anonymous said...

I vote yes on the sex decade!!!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Love these stick it to ya's....

North Dakota kinda is it's own country isn't it? hahahahaaaaaa..... lived there for far too many years (in the past).

Thank you for the love - come see me, it is always fun around my place (so much more so come Wednesday nights - Thursday ;)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Janie,

What a great idea! Month, year, decade I'm fine with of all of the above.

By the way, on your last post. You do realize the house was clean and the dishwasher was running, because they cleaned up from the party they had while you're gone;)

Janie Woods said...

Hey Karl,

As long as it was cleaned, YAY!!! But I think Little Man woulda dimed them out to me...

Brittney said...

Haha! Love the post its :) saw ur link on Supah's page!

Now following you :)


Canuck said...

This is a neat site where you can take a photo of a hot babe (topless) holding a sign in her hand (blank) that you can customize the text in. Make it look like hot chicks are send you personalized fan signs!

If you want to play with non adult "sign generators" instead, check out www.SignGenerator.org for alternatives.

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