Thursday, November 6, 2008


OK, sports fans! If you're new to here, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a retired Navy Chief. I'm a mom to three boys ages 5, 14 & 16. My husband is a Marine turned cop. Our house is filled with fans of the Seahawks (me), Raiders (Carlos), Cowboys (Jim, my oldest), Broncos (David, our middle) and "whoever is the good guys in the game" (Abe the youngest). I'm the neighborhood tool chick who should have stock in Craftsman. I love football, lacrosse, hockey, camping, home improvement, shopping and beer. Yes, I said shopping. I know, it was perfect until then, wasn't it?

This blog is about all those things--my kids, my husband, my neurotic insomniac of a damn dog, my six-toed cat and all of my interests. Feel free to stop by anytime for a chick's view from the Mancave. This is a blog strong enough for a man, but made by a woman!

Last Saturday, Abe and I attended the last of the Navy home games this season in Navy Marine Corps Stadium. You see, Abe is a bigger football fan than his dad and I put together. Last year, he would cry when the game ended and we'd have to drag him screaming out of the stadium, "I want more football!! Pluheeze daddy! More!!" I did not know that a child's screams reverberated so loudly in a stadium environment. I do now. He sits through wind, snow, torrential rains, anything as long as he is hopped up on coca-cola, cotton candy and hot dogs, has on his "lucky" Navy winter hat and poncho. Well, maybe sitting is an overstatement. How about standing and ringing his cowbell as loud as he can through the game? Ya gotta love the noisemakers people think are cute to give kids....

This season with him was fun, though. He was so proud our first outing to tell everyone in the stands that he, "was on a date with his Mom." He made sure everyone knew that was our first time out, just the two of us. He told them that usually his brothers have to tag along, but he had me all to himself that day. We lived it up, he and I. He is finally at the point where he's starting to understand the game. It makes it a lot of fun.But back to the game.
What an exciting game! It was, without a doubt, probably the best football game I've seen in years. Even pro games. This was GREAT! It was against Temple and the score was 27-14 with seven minutes and counting. Touchdown!! 27-21. Temple had the ball and was moving down field. With a 1:37 to go, Abe and I decide to leave and head to the tailgater. As we rounded the end of the stadium, I look at the jumbo tron and see Navy's struggling defense strip Temple of the ball and run it in for a touchdown! With 38 seconds to go, game's tied.

Abe and I race back to our seats. Now, since he's been to just about every Navy home game since he was two, he knows the stadium. He beats me down the stairs and into our seats. He spends the rest of the game, standing on the back of the empty seat, ringing his bell and cheering our team to victory--27-33. What an exciting game!!
We won't make the Notre Dame or Army/Navy games this year. So despite the victory, it was with heavy hearts we made our way out of the stadium to the tailgaters. Yes, plural. There are two that I have to go to. The NY parents club and one of the company's. Understand, the NY parent's club isn't your ordinary tailgater. It's a bunch from the NYPD, a couple of Park Avenue docs, drunken Irishmen and Italians, and a whole lot of food. God, I love that tailgater. They are the best bunch of friends a person could have. Kris and Lady are the hostesses. I met Kris by fate and lots of good luck and I met Lady through her son--a dashing young Marine who serves his country proudly. If I ever want a good laugh, I get in touch with one of those beautiful women.

Lady knows my heart too well. Before I even make it to the RV, she's pouring me a glass of margarita in a bag. Oh yeah, THAT'S how you start a game. Who the hell thought of that perfect concoction? It goes down so smooth, then about halftime the tequila kicks in. Wears off just as we head back to the post-game taligater. Yeah, there's been a couple of nights that I woke up when my husband pulled in the driveway asking, "Who won?" Carlos just looks at me and shakes his head, then puts the pillow and blanket down on the bathroom floor for me. God I LOVE football!

Well folks, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the first installment. If not, please come back again--it will get better, I promise!


Sgt. K said...

You must have a great photographer! I'll get you the "ladies" photo as soon as I can figure out my new computer!

Sgt. K

Janie Woods said...

I wish my personal photographer lived closer. She could do our Christmas cards! She's this funny, wonderful chick from NYC!!

Sgt. K said...

I was with Lady yesterday,hope your ears were burning!! You always make us chuckel!!

Sgt. K said...

I created a blog too! Under Sgt. K....I'll write something amazing soon!!