Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stick It, Tuesday

Wow, another month has come and gone!  How the days are just jumbling together!  We had quite the mild winter here, proving that hell hasn't frozen over yet...

So, I thought I'd begin my stickies with this little gem:

I tweet, I facebook, I myspace, I togetherweserved, I chat, I IM, I text.  I need an online support group for my online addiction.  However, twitter sometimes just gets overwhelming!  Watching people "go after" other people is amazing to me. Someone will say something that offends someone and it's off to the races!  All of a sudden one is a dirtbag and "lucky I don't know where you live" then the other is retweeting the fuck outta the tweets...Gesu!  Someone actually tweeted, "I hope all my 'friends' here enjoyed watching me be torn down! Did you like the show?"  Ummm, ever hear of the 'block' feature?  Get over it...It's twitter, for Pete's sake.  But I will admit, one of my favorite tweets ever was this:  Twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers and Facebook is where you lie to friends.  How true!

So, if you follow me on twitter, you know how much I enjoy my job.  Two of my employees are old enough to be my mother.  Their  job is the same, day in and day out.  Requests come in, we process and track the request.  The requests go to the same people each.and.every.time.  Unless it's an unusual request, they're the same every fucking day.  I  handle the complicated ones like construction and alterations  because they can get messy  quickly.  But those two?  They handle requests for two rooms. And fuck it up every.single.day.

I walk in to questions like this:

Janie, if you eat a lot of asparagus, will your urine smell like asparagus?

OR this:

Janie, I'm confused.  The Oscar's last night, was it a speech that won or a movie?  All they keep talking about is a speech...

Then we have this:

Janie, can you tell me why the font on my email changed?

And days like this:

(Why is there a retirement scheduled at 0100??)  The answer:  I couldn't find 1 p.m. on the calendar.  (Understand, electronic web-based calendar, with drop down 24 hour time...What, she couldn't see the 13 after 12?)

So, I enjoy coming in every day and working in close proximity to idiocy.  It keeps me entertained.  I have a male counterpart, my age, we sit across from each other, behind the other two in half-cubes.  We actually message each other.  If you could see the daily eye rolls, fake gun in mouth moments and silent laughing, you'd crack up.

Now, I'll just say one thing about my boss:

He loves to call me up, go through his entire mailbox with me over the phone, asking me  questions about emails he hasn't responded to...and they're not emails from me...*sigh*  At least I get paid...

So, enough of my whiny ass today.  Hope you got a chuckle.  Drop me an email if you want to follow me on twitter!

Thank you for being the lovely people you are.  Thanks for the emails I've received of late.  And, thank you Mac for being my sanity throughout the day and night.

Eh, could be worse...But I would LOVE to install a couple of these seats in my office...


Karl said...

Good evening Janie,

Just think, if they could actually be fired, what a dent it would put in the deficit. Not just your two all the deadwood.

I don't know how you keep up with all those different internet addictions, I can't keep up with blogging.

Janie Woods said...

Why do you think I only block once a month?? LOL I need to do it more. And yes, if I could fire them and hire some competent people, I wouldn't be overwhelmed. I'm used to a high tempo, high stress job. This low tempo, high stress is unnecessary!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new here but found you while surfing through some other blogs. I like the way you think. Too bad your stuck in what looks like a dead end job with a bunch of dead enders.

Love the profile pic, BTW. Very Sexy!!

Maureen said...

I am your newest follower. From Areyouamom.com
Please stop by and say hi.

Karl said...

Good evening Janie,

Just stopped by to say hello. It's been awhile.