Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stick It, Tuesday!!!

Well, I haven't paid homage to my good blogger friend Supah Mommy in months, it would seem.  But the time has come to get back in the Super Stickies saddle...It's been so long, I'm not even sure she does it any more, but what the hell!

Did room inspections this weekend.  Now, they weren't intentional room inspections but were brought about after I was able to get Prodigal's door open and navigate his room somehow.  Good thing I navigate by landmarks...his dresser was the only thing visible.

So that was his answer to my, "Clean up this room NOW!" demand.  Went total Chief on him.  "This room is not up to my standards!  Get it right!"  As I pulled all the clothes out of his closet and piled them on his bed.  So, he cleaned the room up, but upon my return for reinspection, all of his shoes were piled on the floor at the foot of his bed.

So, I was sitting at my desk, chatting with the love of my life, in the Mancave.  Football pre-game on in the background, waiting for the Jets game to come on.  I had already been publicly  humiliated at the Green Turtle in my Seahawks jersey, so I slinked home and was praying for a better outcome with Mac's Jets.  I catch movement under the drapes on the slider.

I kid you not.  Gnawed a fucking hole in the wall.  The next morning, I get up to find pieces of wallpaper all over the hallway.  Apparently, he doesn't like the wall treatments in the house...It's like somehow Marley was reincarnated into Tiny's body...

My sons are the light of my life, you all know that by now.  They are.  But sometimes??

I *know* someone out there can relate to that.

And, because of all the wonderful things you do for me and the countless hours we spend talking when sleep escapes me. 

Oh, ok...ONE more for you...

So, that's all for me today.  Did I mention that I've started bellydancing?  I have!  It's a blast, by the way.  My class is tonight. 

THIS right here!!!

NOT this!!


Shell said...

I still use the pile it all in the closet and count it as clean thing.

Kristen at www.onlyparentchronicles.com is the host of pint now.

Karl said...

Good evening Janie,

I must admit I'm a bit confused. Didn't you and your husband separate? Good for you if you didn't.

Bellydancing is good exercise, for both the dancer and the viewer. At least it gets my heart rate up.

Janie Woods said...

Thanks, Shell!! And Karl? Yes, about seven months ago.

Mac is *not* my husband, nor is he here. But when insomnia sets in, he's as close as my phone and talks to me until I sleep again.

Chapter Two said...

i love your tuesdays

Anonymous said...

I too have a couple teenage boys...they are really making me pay for my teenage years with my father, he always said "just wait until you have boys of your own, you'll pay"...Boy am I !!

Mac must be a lucky guy to have your ear, and seems like your heart too.