Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Remember Bad Mothers???

Holy shit.  H.O.L.Y. SHIT!!!  Do you remember my post about Bad Mothers and Mother Bears? Well, you have GOT to see this!!!

Can someone tell me what the fuck is WRONG with people???  I mean, seriously.  One:  If you've got your kid on a leash, you're already fucked up.  Two:  If you let your kid CRAWL while on said leash, they're gonna be fucked up.  THREE:  HEY DIPSHIT!  THAT'S A FUCKING WALMART YOU'RE IN NOT YOUR KITCHEN!!  I would NEVER let my kids crawl around in any store, let alone a disgusting Walmart, like it's a fucking playground. 
And we wonder where H1N1 comes from?  Dipshit fucking mothers like this that find dumber men (if possible) than them and procreate.  She should have stuck with swallowing...For the love of God.  Someone please help me.  Stop the fucking voices in my head right now now.   I want to reach out and slap this bitch until she's smart---and wipe that fucking toothless grin off her jackass face.
On the upside, I lifted this picture from a HYSTERICAL website called People Of Walmart.  Funniest fucking website I've seen in forever.  If you EVER are having a bad hair day or just feel like you look like shit, open this site.  Trust me, you will feel like you're the hottest, sexiest person on the face of the earth.  I mean, besides me.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I hate when kids crawl on any floor in public...I can't help but think of the germs! Ick!
And the leash thing....I get that kids go everywhere, and it's so annoying, but it still rubs me the wrong way.

Daddy Files said...

What? You don't treat your kids like dogs and keep them on a leash? You're a weirdo.

And she's not letting him crawl around in filth on the floor of a Wal-mart. She's simply strengthening his immune system. Hell, if he survives a few minutes on that floor he'll be impervious to any medical malady that comes his way.

But in all seriousness, yes...parents like that must be beaten to death with their own arms.

The Cynic said...

Oh, wow! I can't believe how friggin' asinine and ridiculous people are! That lady shoul have a chain wrapped around her neck and be pulled behind a double wide trailer all over the trailwr park that she lives in. What a stupid bitch!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I just visited that wallmart site the other day. Effing hilarious. Great post here.

Chief said...

what if I have Duke on the Leash?